Thursday, September 24, 2009

Equity Lifestyles: Go RVing

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You may have heard by now but this past summer Equity Lifestyles Properties acquired substantially all the assets of Privileged Access, which is the parent company of Thousand Trails, the largest private system of RV camping and outdoor preserves in America.

Thousand Trails (TT) has a long history of providing premium outdoor destinations to more than 130,000 member families at over 80 preserves in 22 states and British Columbia. Thousand Trails sets the bar for excellence because of their strong commitment to the environment striving to protect the nature and beauty of these natural preserves.

This acquisition opens up a whole new range of opportunities for our devoted lifestyle enthusiasts. Our portfolio has grown quite a bit and that means more choices for travel for Equity Lifestyles customers.

TT offers a variety of membership programs available at various price points that we believe our customers will find attractive from not only a cost standpoint but more importantly from the additional locations we now have available through TT. Many of these preserves are located in areas where ELS did not have a presence so there’s much more of the world to see. For example, to explore the Pacific Northwest, consider there are five preserves available in Oregon and 12 in Washington alone. Quite a presence — quite an opportunity!


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