Thursday, September 17, 2009

Pregnant While on Birth Control Mishaps

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Pregnant While on Birth Control Mishaps

A lot of men and women depend on contraception methods such as pills and condoms in order to prevent unplanned pregnancy. These types are proven to be highly reliable, although, it is still not a 100% guarantee. That rare chance of being pregnant while on birth control can still and has
already happened to a number of individuals. To be better informed and to prevent getting pregnant while on birth control, here are some of the reasons why contraception methods such as pills and condoms do not always work.

Often times, it is not the product that has the defect but it is the person who misused it that caused it ineffectiveness. Take the use of a birth control pill for example. The birth control pill should be taken at the exact time each and every day so its effects could be certain. Forgetting to take it one day or even taking it late on schedule can cause you to become pregnant while on birth control. Correcting the cycle of taking your pill can be hard to correct without proper backup or an alternative form of birth control.

Misuse of a condom can also lead to pregnancy. The air inside the condom should be taken out before wearing to prevent it from bursting. Also, condoms that do not fit the wearer properly can cause it to slide or burst resulting to spilled semen.

As for IUDs, cervical caps and diaphragms, these need to be checked at least once a month to ensure its proper alignment. Improper alignment can cause the semen to spill into the egg starting the conception process.

The inconsistent use of contraception methods can also lead to becoming pregnant while on birth control. If you and your partner are not ready to have a family of your own, then you should always remember to use condom and take your pills.

If you are relying solely on birth control pill, you should have backup contraception methods just to be sure. Studies show that the intake of antibiotics could affect and interfere with the effect of birth control pills. Back ups can be in the form of condoms, creams and sperm gels.

Barrier methods of contraception cause trouble when it comes to breakage. Condoms, when not worn properly or is too small for the wearer, could break due to friction of the intercourse. To reduce the risk of ruptures, you can apply lubricants and make sure that you buy the right size of

Lastly, never believe in such a thing as having a safe time to have unprotected sex. Women are said to be prone to pregnancy during the mid-cycle but there are other data proving that women can also get pregnant on their non-fertile days. Protection should always be considered to prevent getting pregnant while on birth control.


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