Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Adult Lifestyle: Five Creative Dates She'll Love for Under $20!

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Dating can be an expensive endeavor, especially in the early stages of courtship. Guys want to impress the object of their affection but for many, money is tight. Of course, no one wants to come across as a cheapskate. So that leaves the question, how can one date when funds are low? Well, it takes a little creativity and a little more work, but it is possible to impress a woman for under around $20.

Candlelight Picnic

What is more romantic than sitting under the stars with that special someone, feeding each other strawberries and having a little bubbly? To impress her though, it will take more than just throwing down an old blanket and unwrapping a Subway sandwich. Ask friends, especially women friends, to borrow some candles and a nice quilt. Rather than a full meal, prepare some fruit, cheese, bite-sized, easy-to-eat snacks, and get an inexpensive bottle of champagne. If possible, set up the picnic beforehand and surprise her. Women love romantic surprises and she will be impressed at your forethought and ingenuity.

Wine Tasting

This is such an excellent cheap date, and in most cases won't a penny. Search online for wine tastings in your area and make a reservation for two. Often, these are very classy events lasting an hour or two, and most have refreshments. They do all the work for you; all you have to do is show up.

Take a Class

Most places offer a free introductory class as a marketing tool to draw people in to signing up for future classes. Is there something your date has talked about before that she would love to learn? Whether it is ballroom dancing, Thai cooking, or martial arts, contact the school and ask if they offer free introductory classes for demonstration. Then, impress your girl by showing her you listened when told you she always wanted to learn how to cook. She will love that you tailored a date especially for her.

Death by Chocolate

As long as your woman isn't on a diet, this is an excellent date she'll love. Search your area for bakeries that offer sample sizes of their products. Then, for a small fee, you can get many different desserts to try (some bakeries will sell small slices of cake for a nominal fee for example). Invite your date over for coffee and dessert. You can purchase sample-sized coffee too, and brew a couple of different flavors. Then, rent a movie like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or more romantic, Chocolat to continue the theme. Alternatively, you can melt chocolate and create chocolate covered strawberries or cherries together as a fun activity.


If you can get your hands on a home projector, this is a very impressive idea. Ask around for anyone who has one you can borrow, and treat your date to an old-fashioned night at the drive-in. Project a film onto the side of a house, a garage, or even a sheet tied between two trees. You can purchase popcorn, Coke in glass bottles, and movie-style candy, and either literally watch in the car, or sit on chairs. If you really want to impress her, bring the couch outside so you can get comfy and snuggle up.

The common theme that runs through all these inexpensive dates is forethought, planning, and effort. These are truly what most women want out of their men after all is said and done. In the process though, you can have some creative, memorable dates for under around $20.


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