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Don’t Make These Lingerie Mistakes

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Finding lingerie that not only fits your figure great, but your personality as well, is tricky enough as it is.

Throw in the fact that you have absolutely no clue how to rock it and shopping for a matching bra and panty set can turn into a total disaster. Fortunately, you don’t have to look like a model to wow him in next to nothing. Check out these 10 dos and don’ts for donning lingerie, and get ready to strut your stuff sexy ladies!

1. DO Be True To Your Style

Stick to what you know and love. Don’t try to buy lingerie that is so far off from who you are that you’re no longer comfortable in it The goal is to feel confident! Confidence = sexiness, and your lingerie should be an enhancement of who you are. YOU wear the lingerie, so don’t let it wear you!

2. DON’T Have A VPL (Visible Panty Line)

Seriously, just say NO!... to wearing knickers that are so tight they dig into you or a bra where you’re spilling out over the edge. Buy the right size, and if you’re not sure what to get, double check your measurements or have a professional help you. You can also try a hipster or low-rise thong to avoid this problem.

3. DO Wear Colorful Lingerie

Who says you have to save a pop of color for Valentine’s Day? You may love black lingerie, but if you like another color (blue, bright green, leopard?), go ahead and wear it. I’m a true believer that wearing what makes you feel good will help you look good as well. No one has to know that you have on bright purple undies, unless you decide to show them, that is. Ow!

4. DON’T Reserve Corsets & Teddies Just For Your Wedding Night

Instead, rock the corsets and teddies underneath sheer blouses when you go out for drinks with the girls. This is an easy and fun way to dress up your outfit without looking too sexy.

5. DO Dance Around In Your Undies

Speaking of fun, putting on your sexiest set or favorite pair of boy shorts and tank, pumping up the volume and just letting loose. And hey, if you’re feeling a little brave, you can always do a dance for your man!

6. DON’T Use The Excuse, "Well, only I am going to see it, so it doesn't matter."

Hearing this literally makes my skin crawl.  ‘If you have a big sales meeting and are rocking a suit, don’t you love knowing that you are wearing a sexy thong beneath?’ Your boss doesn’t know it but you do, and that gives you the confidence you need to close deals. Bottom line, if you look good, you feel good. If you dress for success and adopt the right mindset, you will be a closer. Similarly, you never know who you are going to meet on the way to the bodega! Also, you can add the excitement of a vibrating panty that no one knows about ;)

7. DO Invest In A Matching Set

Just like what you wear on the outside, being able to move and feel comfortable in your undergarments is key. You want your set to fit sleekly beneath your clothes so you don’t have to make a mad dash to the bathroom to change before making your ‘just for him’ appearance. It’s a bit of a buzz kill. Some personal favorite are a classic lacy bra and panty set with a garter and stocking underneath a killer wrap dress. “With one tug he can reveal all!”

8. DON’T Be Boring

Fore-go the boring old Jockey/Costco style panty, which can hardly be considered lingerie. There are plenty of comfy styles out there (leggings for example) that don’t just scream, ‘I give up!’

9. DO Understand That Less Isn’t Always More

Pieces like sheer cover-ups, babydolls and lacy boy shorts can be just as sexy as those that provide less coverage. So shop around and see what looks best on you!

10. DON'T...."I'm Too Large To Look Sexy."

That is an old wives tale and total rubbish. I hear this all too much and I say this is only a state of mind. All women are beautiful, so if you think and say you are, then you are. Plus size women have every right to be and feel sexy...and as you should. It's all about having fun with yourself and your partner. You'll be plenty happy in the end.

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